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Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System

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Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package

Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package
Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package – The best wireless home security system value on the market, the 8-piece Simplisafe2 Plus Package features pre-programmed sensors that work together instantly — right out of the box — and you can install them and fully protect your home in 15 minutes or less. All systems are fully customizable, so you can start with the sensors listed in this package and add more of the sensors you need, whenever you want. It Shouldn’t Cost a Fortune to Protect Your Home For decades the alarm industry has tricked homeowners into signing expensive long-term contracts, charged hundreds for installation, and pushed alarm systems ridden with outdated technology. SimpliSafe believes being safe should be simple. With no salesmen, contracts and hidden fees, SimpliSafe designed a powerful new security system that uses the most cutting-edge wireless and cellular technology to guard your home for just .99 each month. Easy to self-install, the Simplisafe2 wireless home security system is 100 percent wirele

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This is The Best Selling Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package and tends to SELL OUT VERY FAST!!

If you’re looking for the top recommended Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package, then Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package is our suggestion. Many good reviews are already proving the quality of this product. The Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package is complete with many features and capabilities which makes it a great product. Take a look at the main features below.

  • Install your own security system in under an hour for half the cost
  • Sign up for the monitoring with no commitment, there is no long term contract to sign
  • Our monitoring stations are UL-Certified and offer their services nationally 24/7
  • At 14.99 per month you save hundreds each year for the highest quality service
  • Ships in Certified Frustration-Free Packaging
  • Every system includes a cellular modem built-in, making it nearly impossible for a thief to defeat

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List Price: $ 259.95

Price: $ 259.95

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3 Responses to “Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System”

  1. J_Onyx "I never let my schooling interfere wi... says:
    1,330 of 1,390 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Excellent Alternative but far from perfect!, December 3, 2012

    This review is from: Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package (Tools & Home Improvement)
    I write this from conviction that people thinking of investing in this alarm system alternative need a more thoughtful review than the many here who quickly post a gushing review and the few who post nonsense negative reviews.

    1st Simplisafe is easy to install yourself and it is a quality budget alternative to the big alarm system companies (who rely on less than ethical sales methods) who relieve people of a few thousand dollars and lock them into an expensive 2 to 3 year monitoring contract.

    The hardware is easy to install and get working & for less than $400 most people can seriously discourage felons from targeting their home. Simplisafe is much more up front & consumer oriented than other alarm companies BUT Simplisafe sales department does do its share of hype & exaggeration. You cannot install the sensors & motion detectors in the mindless simple way you are lead to believe. If you slap them up in a few minutes, you will regret it. Take a few minutes and determine the best places to position the sensors & detectors.

    The advertising shows people just mindlessly sticking sensors and detectors around their house. Then, in response to criticism that people report their senors or detectors fell off, Simplisafe blames it on the owner for not (dah…) cleaning the area first. Even that is hype because cleaning is not enough. It’s not wise to just rely on the sticky tape for the heavier pieces, especially the keypad and the motion detectors. Simplisafe techs know this which is why each sensor has a removable installation panel with two screw holes and screws.

    There are two significant flaws in the Simplisafe system which Simplisafe advertising and information tip toes around and buyers do not realize until after they buy and install their system. I’ll bet many long term Simplisafe owners still do not know about the flaws.

    FLAW NUMBER ONE IS THE ENTRY SENSOR. They are excellent for your outside doors but inadequate for windows. The problem? Unlike the wired big alarm company alarm systems, Simplisafe sensors are “one size fits all” but what is good for a door is not good enough for windows. The 21st century home B&E is smash and grab. Unless you live in a high end home in an upper income neighborhood, you are at risk for an amateur smash and grab break-in or the new wave home invasion. Your break-in felon is most probably full-time party animals feeding some drug habit lifestyle. They usually break or cut windows, not carefully pry them open or try windows until they find one they can open. Simplisafe entry sensors work only when a door or window is properly opened.

    Its best to use the motion detectors to cover entire rooms and their windows and use the entry sensors just for doors. You may also want to consider NOT using the SIMPLISAFE signs but buy ADT or Brinks signs and decals instead. Some party animal groups think their way to researching alarm systems on Internet and they know about cell phone apps that they can use to monitor police radio activity. Ann Arbor, Michigan just arrest a gang of four such felons. Alarms didn’t stop them. A member was stopped with stolen property in his car. He told on the others so he could get off easy.

    SECOND FLAW IS THE Alarm. It Is REMARKABLY WEAK! Do not simply rely on the ineffective alarm that comes in the base unit or simply on monitoring services. When seconds count, the police are always minutes away and their budgets are being seriously cut at the same time property crime is soaring. Buy the “extra siren” & mount it outside. The siren irritates the entire neighborhood. The felon isn’t going to risk that rare neighbor who cares enough to look and call the police. Consider adding a wireless security camera. Mine sends condensed video to a remote 30 day DVR.

    There are unemphasized positives about Simplisafe, namely the keychain remote. It includes a panic button which instantly sets off the alarm and launches the call center into action. Monitoring is only 14.99 a month. For an elderly relative living alone the panic button alone is worth the cost of a Simplisafe System. Seniors can use it to live more safely and 14.99 a month for home alarm, personal safety and health is a real bargain. Those EMT service call button services (Call for help) alone cost $40 or more a month!


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  2. Jay says:
    319 of 330 people found the following review helpful
    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Great Peace of Mind and User Friendly!, April 19, 2013
    Jay (AZ) –

    This review is from: Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package (Tools & Home Improvement)
    I just installed my Simplisafe system in about an hour! I spent about 3 months looking at different alarm companies, but ultimately chose this one and bought it from their website directly. I think a lot of the negative reviews on here are BS. This system has been reviewed on Amazon since 2009 and 10 of the 14 one star reviews were written in the last 3 months. I purchased this system for two reasons:
    1. It cost only $411 up front and I own it. No lease, etc. (11 door and window sensors, 2 motion sensors, and 3 remotes)
    2. No monthly contract. I got the $25/mo plan so I can control it from my smartphone.

    I opened the box and planned where to put each sensor. They installed easily on each of my windows and doors. Just peel and stick, and for the record, they stick very well! I tried to remove one to reposition it, and it was not easy. I installed a motion sensor in my garage and one in the middle of my house. I placed them about 7 feet off the floor and they pick me up every time I enter the room. I have a 50lb dog and was afraid of false alarms. I crawled on my hands and knees all over the house and never set it off. The setup on the website was extremely user friendly. I was able to adjust the volume and duration of the alarm, label each sensor so I know which has been breached, and choose if I want the sensors to alarm immediately or give time to enter my PIN code. I am even able to open my windows about 1 inch to allow my evap cooler to work without triggering an alarm. If someone tries to open the window any further, the alarm will activate (about 2 inches).

    The alarm system uses T-Mobile to send a wireless signal to the alarm company. The only problem for some customers could be a poor cellular signal in their area. I checked the T-Mobile coverage map prior to purchasing my alarm and my area has excellent coverage. I would recommend doing the same. I have sent 6 test alarms to the monitoring company so far and each time I received a text message and a phone call in about 20-30 seconds indicating they received my test. Their plans range from $15-$25/month. I chose the $25 plan. I can monitor my alarm status and activate/deactivate it from my Android phone wherever I am. I receive a text message every time the alarm is turned on, turned off, breached, or if my motion sensors detect movement. My alarm base also chimes each time a door or window opens. This is really nice to make sure my dog does not run away if I don’t close my door tightly and it blows open, etc. I can even set “secret alarms” to notify my phone of movement but not call the alarm company. I used this feature in my garage, so I know if someone walks in there but I don’t want the police dispatched.

    I will briefly explain how the system works, for those who aren’t sure. When the alarm is in “Away” mode: When a entry or motion sensor is breached, the keypad will beep quietly until you enter your PIN. The base unit which contains the cellular unit remains quiet. If you fail to enter the PIN code within 30 seconds (you can adjust the delay on their website)the alarm base will activate the siren and immediately alert the alarm company. The alarm company will call you and ask for a password to make sure you are okay. If you do not answer the phone or give the right password, they will call the local police. If the base unit is damaged prior to the 30 second entry period, no alarm will be sent to the alarm company. Because of that, I hid the base out of sight and deactivated the light to buy some time. After the 30 seconds, they can smash it but the police are still coming. “Home” mode works the same way except it disables motion sensors to allow you to walk around the house.

    Simplisafe also recently added smoke detectors ($30) and carbon monoxide detectors ($50) to their options. I plan on buying one of each in the near future to alert the fire dept of problems when I’m not home. So far, I am very pleased with this purchase. It gives me peace of mind when I’m away and when I’m asleep. I have not been able to trigger a false alarm yet, but I will update if I experience any problems. If I had to think of anything negative, it would be the keypad. It looks a little outdated, but I can live with that.

    UPDATE – I just installed my smoke detector. It was very easy to add to my system. I just logged in and typed in the serial number. I pushed the test button and received a call within 15 seconds from the monitoring company informing me they received my test. I am still very happy with this system. I have not had any false alarms and every test I have done has elicited a phone call within seconds. Hope this helps.

    UPDATE 03/03/15 – Had it almost 2 years and still love it. The system works flawlessly and I still haven’t had a single false alarm.


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  3. selfskr says:
    246 of 257 people found the following review helpful
    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Not perfect, but a strong system and good value, August 26, 2013

    This review is from: Simplisafe2 Wireless Home Security System 8-piece Plus Package (Tools & Home Improvement)

    After resolving some initial issues, I am happy with my SimpliSafe system after a month of use.

    I decided to purchase this system over others because:

    (1) The system is cellular, with a battery back-up, so a burglar cannot disable it by simply cutting the phone line or power line. Most other companies either do not offer cellular monitoring at all, charge extra for it and/or only offer it as a back-up if the land line fails.

    (2) SimpliSafe does not lock you into a monitoring contract. You pay a monthly fee for monitoring, and you can cancel the service whenever you want without penalty. Most of SimpliSafe’s competitors require you to sign at least a three year contract.

    (3) Price. SimpliSafe offers interactive monitoring for $24.95/month, which is significantly less than the competition. With interactive monitoring you get text alerts, can change the settings on your system (customize it) through SimpliSafe’s webpage and can arm or disarm the system either through the webpage or by using the Android or iPhone app (they also offer less expensive plans if you do not want the interactive features, but I chose the interactive plan). The equipment itself is also less expensive than the competition.

    (4) The system is easily expandable. You can add additional components whenever you want. Some other companies jack up the monthly monitoring fee when you add more components.

    (5) SimpliSafe sells the system online or by the phone and you self-install it, so you don’t have to deal with high pressure salespeople coming to your house.

    (6) You can try out the system with no risk. You can return it for a full refund within 60 days if you are not happy with it.

    I am not handy at all, but I was able to set up the system with relative ease. Most of the components attach with adhesive tape or, if you prefer, you can mount them with screws. I used the screws to mount an entry sensor on my garage door, since that sensor would be exposed to a lot more jostling than the others, and used the tape for all of the other units (except the smoke detector, which must be mounted with screws). The tape has been working fine so far. I believe the tape is 3M Command tape. If you buy Command tape directly from 3M, the instructions tell you to firmly press on the base of whatever you are mounting for 30 seconds and then let it sit for an hour before mounting whatever you are hanging. Although SimpliSafe’s instructions do not say that, I would suggest sliding each sensor off of its base (like you would to change the battery), pressing the base firmly against the wall for 30 seconds, letting it sit for at least an hour, and then mounting the sensor.

    The components are wireless and I am impressed with their range. I have a 2,400 square foot center hall colonial wood frame house. To test out the sensor range, I placed the base station (the brains of the unit) in a far corner of my house on the second floor. It was able to “hear” the entry sensors from every other location in the house, including the basement and garage.

    I had cellular connection issues when I first got the system. T-Mobile is SimpliSafe’s default cell provider. The T-Mobile coverage map showed that some areas near my house had excellent cellular reception, but that my neighborhood had only “satisfactory” coverage. In theory, “satisfactory” coverage should have been sufficient, but it was not. I was able to make a connection to the T-Mobile network, but it was not reliable. About half the time I could not access my system from the SimpliSafe webpage or app — they would time out when attempting to access my system status. Occasionally I would not receive texts when the system was armed or disarmed and the event log did not show every arming and disarming of the system. I worked with SimpliSafe’s customer service department (who were very responsive and helpful) to try to find a location in my house with better reception, but to no avail. In short, I was very unhappy with the performance of the system for the first few weeks I had it. Ultimately, SimpliSafe sent me a replacement Verizon cell module (they only recently started offering Verizon service as alternative to T-Mobile). The Verizon coverage in my area is much more robust than T-Mobile, and the new module solved my issues — the system now works reliably. I receive text messages within seconds or arming or disarming the system and I am able to control the system using the Android app or the webpage. When you put the system into test mode, it sends a test signal to the monitoring service and, unless they are inundated with real alarm calls, they will call you to let you know they received the test signal. The service has called me within 30 seconds each time I have put the system in test mode.

    Although I am satisfied with the system, there are some drawbacks you should…

    Read more

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