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A few nice home security system wireless images I found:

Brisvegas Taxi Cockpit
home security system wireless
Image by Bandido of Oz
My office 12 to 14 hours a night, 4 (usually) to 6 (seldom) nights a week.

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home security system wireless
Image by Danny Oosterveer
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Central Park/Great Lawn, Sep 2013 – 06
home security system wireless
Image by Ed Yourdon
As I mentioned in the notes for this Flickr set, I was surprised to see a massive collection of portable iron fences that were being set up all around the Great Lawn — as well as some frantic construction work taking place to erect a bandshell at the north end of the Lawn. I had no idea what this was all about, until I spent a few minutes chatting with a security guard whose purpose was apparently to keep curious onlookers like me from wandering into the midst of the construction area. As you can see from this photo, the construction area involved the erection of a massive bandstand, so that the planned event could take place even if the weather didn’t cooperate.

It turns out that a massive concert had been planned for Saturday evening, Sep 28th — with Alicia Keys, Kings of Leon, John Mayer, Elvis Costello, and Stevie Wonder. But admission into the lawn area itself, said the guard, would require one of the free tickets … which, of course, had disappeared within seconds after the event had been announced on the Internet.

So, naturally, I made no attempt to attend; to be honest, I’m not sure I would have tried even if tickets had not been required. The security guard estimated that there would be 50-75,000 people out on the lawn, and I can only imagine how many tens of thousands of additional people would be milling around on the sidewalks and roadways surrounding the Great Lawn.

If you want to see more details about the event, here is a link:…

Oh, yeah, one more small technical note: this was a 3-image HDR shot, with a maximum exposure of 1.6 seconds. I had my camera on a tripod to minimize any motion or shaking, and the camera combined all three of the images automatically — producing this result.


As I wrote in another Flickr set a few years ago, you can be reasonably sure that there will be lots of interesting scenes to photograph in Central Park if you happen to visit when the weather is nice. My typical plan, on such photo expeditions, is to walk through and around several different parts of the park — in order to see different groups of people, and also to take advantage of different scenes and backdrops. But it means that I don’t spend very much time in any one place, and most of my shots end up being "ad hoc" in nature, with almost no planning, preparation, framing, or composition.

On this particular weekend in mid-September, I decided to restrict my wandering to just one area — the "Great Lawn"; that’s more-or-less in the center of the north-south expanse of the park. I walked around the sidewalk perimeter of the large grassy area, starting at the north end (because I had entered the park at 86th Street), heading down to the south end by the Delacorte Theater and the Belvedere Castle, and then back north again to my starting point.

I had a 16-50mm wide-angle zoom lens on my Sony Alpha-65 camera while I was walking, which made it relatively easy to capture some closeup scenes of people just a couple feet away from me. And I did take a few such photos, but my primary purpose was something altogether different: I wanted a change from the usual, hectic "street photography" situations in which I usually find myself, and instead find some nice wide-angle landscape shots where I could frame and compose the photos without worrying that the scene would change in a nanosecond. Indeed, what I really wanted was a few good panorama-style landscape shots taken from the north end of the Great Lawn, facing south across the expanse of the lawn itself, and framing the mid-town Manhattan skyline in the background.

And even that wasn’t enough: I wanted to get some sunset and post-sunset photos, so I could take advantage of the late-afternoon/evening "golden light," as well as the dark blue/purple sky as the lights were being turned on in the buildings themselves. So I brought a tripod and a wireless remote … and for some reason, I decided to incorporate a bunch of HDR shots as well.

When I got home, I decided to review the Wikipedia article about the Great Lawn once again, to see if there was anything I had forgotten from earlier times. I didn’t expect to find much, because — as far as I knew — the Great Lawn had always been part of Central Park, and had always been the same. But I had forgotten the historical development: as I read once again in Wikipedia, today’s Great Lawn is situated on a flat area that was occupied by the 35-acre "Lower Reservoir" that was constructed in 1842 to supply water to the residents of the city. After the Croton-Catskill reservoir system was completed, the Lower Reservoir became redundant — but political battles ensued for several decades before the city finally settled on a plan for an oval lawn.

That plan basically fell apart because of the Depression, and the open area was filled with a "Hooverville" of improvised shacks for quite some time. Mayor Fiorello LaGuardia finally brought in the legendary Robert Moses (the visionary force behind so many other parks around New York City and the rest of the state) to implement the plan — and it was essentially finished in 1934.

And there’s more to the history, too, but I’ll let you read that on your own if you’re interested. (You might be interested to know, for example, that in 1995, Pope John Paul II held an open-air mass for 125,000 on the Great Lawn. Yes, it is that big!) Actually, the main reason I mention this is that I stumbled upon a massive collection of portable iron fences that were being set up all around the Great Lawn, as well as some frantic construction work taking place to erect a bandshell at the north end of the Lawn. There’s a photo of it at the end of this small collection of photos, and there was a huge free concert a few days after my park stroll; I’ll give you the details when I upload that photo in a few days…

In any case, I ended up at the north end of the Great Lawn, and hung around until well after dark as I captured a bunch of nice HDR shots. The twilight/office-building photos weren’t so good, and I decided not to upload them to Flickr at all …

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